Naukrani se pehali chudai

Having completed my graduation, I was waiting to study further either for PG or for any professional course. In the meantime I was busy with my friends gossiping. Sex was the main subject for discussion. Most of my friends have had occasional strokes of luck but for a few like me. Once when I entered the bedroom of my parents I saw them engaged in sex.

That was my first sexual sight. I rushed back. They did not see me, at least that is what I thought. I have seen my brother and bhabi fucking through a gap in the window of their bedroom. I saw the full show and I knew how they start and end it. My sister used to share a room with me. Once my uncle came and he was put up in the guest room.

One day I saw him fucking my sister and she did not show much resistance. She went to him for some tuition on her subject. This I managed to see through a small hole in the door of the guest room. In the morning I asked why she did not come back after the tuition. She looked at me and told me that she did not want to disturb me and hence slept in the room of the uncle.

It was a lie, because I saw her getting fucked for the whole night by our uncle. Her eyes showed lack of sleep. She was a nice and beautiful girl and who can resist fucking her. Even I have a temptation, but she is elder to me and hence I resisted. In the meantime my mother developed arthritis and had difficulty in standing for long hours in the kitchen.

She recruited a woman for helping her in the kitchen. When I saw her I found her very young, like my sister and with robust body. She did her work very fast and her dishes were very tasty. Her name was Sita. In the evening she used to massage the knees of my mother with medicated oil. They gave her a cot beneath the staircase and a mattress to sleep.

Because it is beneath the staircase it is well concealed and there was space for her to keep her belongings. The was an L shaped veranda and the master bedroom of my parents came first immediately after the sitting room. As we come inside through the veranda we see the staircase going up.

In the upstairs there are two bed rooms, one is occupied by my brother and his wife and another room is the guest room where my uncle is put up. Beneath this staircase, Sita sleeps. Next comes our dining room and kitchen. on the left side of the veranda is my room where we have a double bed used by me and my sister. From my room I can go directly to the dining room and kitchen.

Sita, just about my age used to flash smiles at me when she sees me. She is very beautiful and seems to be very cooperative. Her raised big boobs will attract attention of anybody and so also her round ass. She signaled to me that she is willing to get near me provided we get a chance.

One day in the afternoon when my parents were away to attend a function, I called Sita to my room to bring a glass of water. She came with water, smiling, and I taking water from her hand placed my hands on her boobs and went of pressing them. She stood laughing, she enjoyed my action. I told her to come to my room in the night.

She showed fear in her face and said if somebody knows there will be trouble. I said don't tell you are coming, just come in the darkness of the night. After pressing her boob, I wanted to take it out, but they were well under her pettycoat and she did not wear a bra. I lifted her long skirt and put my hand inside, touched her plump thighs, she did not wear any panty, touched her pussy.

Her pussy was hairy. I ran my hand around and touched her round ass. With one finger I touched her cunt and tried to insert it inside. But she said no. I touched her clitoris and nussled it with my two fingers. She seemed to like this and stood with her legs wide open. There was a door bell and Sita ran to open the door and see who had come. My erect cock was still erect.

I heard the sound of my father and Sita came back to the kitchen to prepare tea for my parents. I had to close the door and conceal my presence in the room. Having come this far, I thought I will fuck Sita tonight in her bed beneath the staircase. Softness of her thighs and cunt made me horny. I went to the bathroom and shagged.

I might have poured gallons of my semen into this commode which would have been sufficient to populate the whole world. My sister came from her college, changed, went to get freshen up and then came to the dining table to take tea. I told her that the glow in her face is diminished. What is the reason I asked. She did not answer. I asked her it is due to lack of proper sleep.

What are you doing without sleep. I knew what was the reason, but just let me see what she will answer. Uncle is fucking her heavily. They are so careless that they don't close the door properly that I watched them fucking through the gap of the door. My parents may not go up since my mother is having knee pain. My brother may not see since he is busy with his wife.

She did not reply my question. I waited for the night so that I may go and fuck Sita. Time was 10 pm and she was busy in the kitchen. After about an hour after she closed the kitchen door and went I sneaked at the corner and saw beneath the staircase for any obvious activity. OMG, there was somebody. I listened. It is unmistakable sound of fucking.

I sharpened my eyes and saw in the dim light of the veranda, Sita lying with her legs wide open and somebody fucking her from her top in the missionary position and both breathing heavily. I was wondering who it could be. Sitting on the floor in the darkness I waited for them to complete the act and get up. It was my father. It is highly unjust.

When he has my mother why should he come to fuck the servant. My father got up, wiped his cock in his own dhoti and patted the cheeks of Sita and rushed to his bedroom and closed the door and bolted it from inside. I got up and went to sita. She signaled me to close my mouth, rushing to the bathroom outside in the work area, I too followed her.

Coming out from the bathroom she told me what to do, he comes and wanted to fuck. Can I refuse. He is the master of the house. Mother is sick and hence he cannot fuck her. I moved to my room and Sita followed me. She asked me whether I have fucked before. I said no. OK I will teach you. But no sound. You should not say anything but do as I say. I said ok.

She unhooked her blouse and showed me her boobs. There were huge, with erect nipples. Her arousal was not diminished. She asked me to lick and suck the nipples. I did so. It was nice. My tongue went round and round the nipple. My hand held the other nipple and squeezed it. In the meantime she caught my cock and measured its strength and length.

She made me to lie down in the bed and bent low to take my cock in her mouth and suck it. Oh, it was nice. Her tongue did the trick. Just like my tongue was going around her nipples her tongue was going around my cock. Whe both of us are well aroused, she made me lie down on her and with her hand she took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt.

Her cunt was full of viscous fluids. My cock will easily inside. She asked me to make in and out movement. I did as she said. She asked me to go deep inside. I had seen others doing and now I was doing it myself. A new kind of sensation was overpowering. With passion our breath was heavy and loud. When our thighs clashed there was a sound.

Suddenly she circled her legs around me and hugged me tightly. There was spasm inside her cunt, may be she had reached her orgasm. Within a minute I too reached my climax and sprayed my fluids into her. But I continued to fuck. She relaxed her legs and was getting ready for the second fuck. I kissed her nipples, sucked them, licked them and went on fucking vigorously.

It took longer time. She also reached her orgasm and me too. We got up went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts and wiped our went area and came back to the bed. Time was 1 am. I told Sita to go and have some sleep. We will do it again tomorrow. She said we will do it daily. She went away to her staircase bed. Suddenly there was a knock and my sister entered.

She was making fun of me. What is this new relationships you are developing, she asked. I said you have gone to the Uncle and I have to have somebody new. She asked me did you do it with her. I said yes. Actually I wanted to have you first, she said. But we were staying in this room all these days, you never hinted it to me.

I saw father and mother fucking, you and uncle fucking, brother fucking bhabi, then I thought I should fuck somebody, I said. It was very dark outside. I felt like going to bed. But my sister was just getting ready to get into bed with me. She undressed and changed into her nightie. I asked her why you did not go to uncle. She said he has gone into deep sleep.

He has had already thrice and he cannot do any more. Let us have it once. I want a deep fuck, she said. she removed my clothes and saw my cock. She just held and hugged it. It is so nice, she said. We got into the bed and she wanted to get upon me. I said ok. I have never had it this way with Sita. Sister caught mine and put it into hers and wriggled her ass and got the whole thing inside.

She went in her own pace, slowly fucking and rotating it to touch all the sensitive corners of her hole. I too enjoyed. She was clever not to put her entire weight on me. She touched her boobs on my lips so that I may suck and lick them. She did it better than Sita. She seems to be a slow comer and so am I. We went on moving in oru own pace for quite a long time.

It was sheer pleasure and nothing else. She was not tired neither was I. Finally we came together and it was full and complete. She was very happy. She could get complete fulfillment. I never knew you are this capable, she said. Thereafter we fucked daily in the night. I used to fuck Sita once, and then finally with my sister. She did not mind my fucking Sita.

It went on and on for months and then she got fixed to marry my uncle and Sita went away to get married. I was back to square one.